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Doo, George Thomas: Berühmter Kupferstecher, Brief 1842

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1seitiger, handschriftlicher, signierter Brief, beiliegend Kuvert, datiert 1842.

George Thomas Doo (January 6, 1800, Surrey - November 13, 1886, Sutton, London was an English engraver. His teacher was Charles Heath. In 1824 he published his first plate, after a portrait of the Duke of York by Thomas Lawrence. In 1925 he went to Paris and worked in the studio od Suisse. In 1836 he was made Engraver in Ordinary to William IV, and later to Queen Victoria. Doo became a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1851. He was made a Royal Academician in 1857. Pictured is his well-known line-engraving The Combat after William Etty’s painting from 1849. He is also known for his engraving of "Knox preaching before the Lords of the Congregation," after Wilkie, his "Combat" after Etty, "Italian Pilgrims coming in sight of Rome" after Eastlake, the "Infant Christ" after Raphael and the "Ecce Homo" after Correggio. His engraving of the "Raising of Lazarus," by Sebastiano del Piombo (1864) took him eight years.